Step 1

Design Inspiration

When I am asked to make a cue, I find myself using multiple sources of inspiration. The client, his or her passions and personal style, maybe even their history will come into play. I start putting together an image of a cue in which they might just fall in love.

It all starts here, and this is always an exciting moment.

Step 2


The materials I use include Ivory, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Silver, Gold, and many, many other materials including exotic hardwoods from every corner of the world.

Each material is chosen based, first, on how it will affect the playability of the cue and then on how well it compliments the design and the customer.

Step 3

Execution is Key

The construction of a cue is a very exacting process. Everything must be machined to very high tolerances. In certain cases, being off by just a few thousandths of an inch can mean starting over.

It is extremely rewarding to hold the finished product in my hand, having taken it from design to completion. As with anyone who has built something themselves, creation is a joy that is hard to duplicate.

Step 4

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After all the hard work comes together, the moment of truth arrives. Seeing a customer look at, then hold, and then play with the cue for the first time brings me back to my first Balabushka; bliss.

This last step provides me with my reward after all the hard work.